Tutorial On How to Make a Quiz or Interactive Site, Page 1

(Doesn't have to be a quiz, could be a forum site, blog, etc.)

First You Need An Idea

What do you want to create? Do you have an idea to make a quiz of your own? Do you want to run your own forum? Blog? Other idea? If you are reading this page, we've already established that you're the kind of person who wants to create something. And when it comes to the web, "if you build it, they will come." And let me tell you, it is so unbelievably easy to create quizzes, to run forums, to let your creativity run wild and come up with something interactive and fun. You do not need to be an expert!

So You Have An Idea, Then What?

Or even if you don't have an idea yet, that's okay, keep reading to find out what to do once you think of one. I'm now going to tell you how to implement it.

I'll Show You How to Make a Simple Quiz

Even if your idea isn't about making a quiz, follow along anyway because the concepts are all the same. The quiz we're going to make will be the "Coolness Quiz". When a visitor fills out a few questions, the quiz will tell them how cool they are. Here's to hoping your Big Idea is a lot less lame than this example, but anyway, here we go! Click on to Page 2 to continue.

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P.S. if you want to learn more about building interactive websites, I've started a blog on web developement topics that you may find interesting.